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Asona Gold Mines, Asiko group and how Nana Donkor scam investors worldwide

nana donkor gold scammerNana Donkor is CEO of Asona Gold Mines is the biggest gold ghana scammer in Accra Ghana. Do not send them one dollar. They have stolen from Russian, Chinese, the Spanish, Americans and other Africans as well. Asona Gold mines have a mining license, Asona Gold mines are registered as a company in Ghana but they have over 90 open complaints with the police. The federal police of Ghana have had numerous complaints but they have yet to apprehend this criminal. We are ashamed of his behavior. The only reason why Nana Donkor is still free is because he pays the police and BNI supervisers heavily. Everytime a person comes from another country to buy gold, they take the money, they only give them a small amount of gold they claim the government will not let them send the rest and then they split the money among them selves and go buy more expensive cars. Nana Donkor promise discounts of 20-30% off of world spot price. Nana Donkor claim that they keep gold off the books and thats why they can’t use PMMC (the only way to buy gold in Ghana legitamately). PMMC buys gold at 3% underworld Spot price So why one earth would someone sell gold to you for half of its value?

The way Asona Gold Mines work: Nana Donkor,  Gymah, Ajoy Garapati, Mike Farr and any member of this gang, will show gold to buyers, but it isn’t real gold it is Ionized Copper. It looks and feels like gold until you put Nitric Acid on it. The take 3-10M dollars a month. The have bank accounts all over the world. They are part of a HUGE organization of other gold theives that control Accra. When you look at them they are well dressed, clean shaven, and polite people but don’t be suprised when you loose your money. The past government allowed them to steal these huge amount of money and the new government does not seem to care. What do you expect? Nana Donkor is a millionaire in a country where the average person makes 7,000.00 American Dollars a year.

Who is part of this scheme? His banker (they use correspondent banks so that the money doesn’t go throught the bank of Ghana and is UNACCOUNTED FOR), His lawyer, The head of CID, The head of BNI and countless other police officers that he pays as his hench men to kidnap, hurt or kill anyone that causes problems. Ajoy Garapati, Michael Farr and others are getting investors worldwide every month

Media: He even runs ads telling people that their is someone impersonating him. He runs full page ads in the news paper that state “he is the victim.”

Nana Donkor Ego: Nana Donkor often brags about being untouchable.

Why Nana Donkor Isn’t He In Jail?: The heads of the BNI have been on his payroll along time. His lawyer pays the judges and their are countless civil cases against him.They give our country a bad name. So please keep your money in your pocket before it goes in his. Everyone in his office is a part of the scam. Most Banks will not even send a SBLC or BG to this country because of this one company’s reputation and this one man’s greed. He has put an unbearable stain upon reputable gold dealers in our country. If you dont believe this, or you are selfconvinced this man is going to sell you cheap gold. Please If you ever do business with Asona Gold Mines please use PMMC. Send your purchase contract to PMMC, let them monitor the transaction, they will take the money from you and the gold from the seller and they will NOT let your money be stolen. They do not charge taxes on Gold in Ghana. So anyone who tells you this is a liar. They charge 45.00 per kilo to smelt and do the ASSAY. They charge 0.5% to ship. This is less than 1%.The money isn’t released until you have a Airway Bill, Packing list and Commercial Invoice.

Asona Golf mines usually uses AA Minerals, to send gold samples, AA minerals know this is a big scammer, because many people already go to complaint to AA minerals, but its not a problem of AA minerals its something that Government of Ghana should stop.

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Nana donkor try to clean his bad reputation with small donations to needy in society organizations

nana donkor ajoy garapati in asona gold

Nana Kwaku Asiedu Donkor tries to give 1000 GHS to needy in society ghana organizations but stole millions of US $ to international investors.

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Mike Farr accused of pension fund fraud

Mike farr scammer

Mike Farr accused of pension fund fraud
U.S. suit claims ex-Lion helped bilk $3.1M from Detroit, Pontiac retirement systems
Paul Egan / The Detroit News

From The Detroit News:
 Mike Farr accused of pension fund fraud | | The Detroit NewsMike Farr is part of a Detroit family as famous for its car dealerships as its football talent. On Thursday, he was accused in a government lawsuit alleging civil fraud against pension funds in Detroit and Pontiac.Farr, 42, a former Detroit Lions receiver and the son of Lions great and “Mel Farr Superstar” car dealer Mel Farr Sr., is accused of helping businessman Roy Dixon Jr. bilk the public funds of more than $3.11 million.Michael Farr of Atlanta is president and CEO of Georgia-based Second Chance Motors Inc. He played four NFL seasons, three of them with the Lions. His older brother, Mel Farr Jr., also played in the NFL.Michael Farr is accused of working with his friend Dixon, whose Onyx Capital Advisers LLC received investments of close to $20 million from two city of Detroit pension funds and $5 million from the city pension fund in Pontiac. About 80 percent of the investment money allegedly went to businesses Farr controlled.

“These public pension funds provided seed capital to the Onyx Fund, and Dixon betrayed their trust by stealing their money,” U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regional director Merri Jo Gillette said in a news release.

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Michael Farr gold scam

This document explains the current status of a gold transaction that requires funding. The transaction is for 200 kg of gold bars from Accra, Ghana. The gold is being shipped from AA Minerals in Ghana. This transaction was initiated by a group of buyers from Georgia. The group was unable to execute the sale due to insufficient funding capabilities. As we speak the gold has been cleared by customs in Ghana and is prepared for export. The principal seller of the gold resides in Atlanta, GA. His information is listed below:



At the present time there are approximately 10 kg of this allocation at 5 Star Precious Metals in New York City. The balance of 190 Kg is awaiting approval for shipment in Accra, Ghana. The 10 Kg was a show of good faith to ensure the capability to import the gold safely and securely. The seller is currently seeking a buyer to fulfill the obligations of the previous seller. As an added incentive the seller is prepared to offer the 10 Kg in NY and the 190 Kg in Accra at a 10% discount. In order to take advantage of this opportunity the buyer must pay $2,000,000 via wire transfer directly to the seller’s account. This payment will pay for the 10 Kg and the balance of the payment will go towards the rest of the gold in Accra, Ghana. Within 48 hours of payment the gold will be shipped and delivered to 5 Star Precious Metals in New York, City in favor of the buyer. At the buyer’s choice the seller has offered to liquidate the gold and pay all proceeds to the buyer. The seller has also agreed to offer an additional contract for another allocation should the buyer want to continue transacting with the seller. I have provided documentation of a previous transaction with this seller and current documentation for the most recent shipment.