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Nana Donkor has created a new company Synergy Gold Ltd.

First was Asona Gold mining, Asiko group ltd and now is Synergy Gold Ltd., with Synergy Gold Nana Donkor will try scam new investors everywhere in the world USA, Russia, Spain, China, Nana donkor have deals with others scammers in Ghana, to try to give trust to investors, that never can imagine all this people will act coordinated to stole his money.

Synergy Gold ltd

New Email address of Synergy gold ltd:

Nana Donkor will show you an small mines where he claims to get several gold kgs by months but this mines is another lie, he can get only some grams, but this land is useful to show it to investors as a big project and mines and makes think its very succesfull business that only will need some money in advance to get gold, maybe this is not exactly what he will tell because Nana Donkor change the history everytime. Synergy gold is the new company name as you can see in the pictures at his offices in Accra (Achimota). Take care of Nana Donkor and his gang, Prince bonsu, Ajoy garapati, Joe Logan, etc.

Synergy gold ltd