Michael Farr gold scam

This document explains the current status of a gold transaction that requires funding. The transaction is for 200 kg of gold bars from Accra, Ghana. The gold is being shipped from AA Minerals in Ghana. This transaction was initiated by a group of buyers from Georgia. The group was unable to execute the sale due to insufficient funding capabilities. As we speak the gold has been cleared by customs in Ghana and is prepared for export. The principal seller of the gold resides in Atlanta, GA. His information is listed below:



At the present time there are approximately 10 kg of this allocation at 5 Star Precious Metals in New York City. The balance of 190 Kg is awaiting approval for shipment in Accra, Ghana. The 10 Kg was a show of good faith to ensure the capability to import the gold safely and securely. The seller is currently seeking a buyer to fulfill the obligations of the previous seller. As an added incentive the seller is prepared to offer the 10 Kg in NY and the 190 Kg in Accra at a 10% discount. In order to take advantage of this opportunity the buyer must pay $2,000,000 via wire transfer directly to the seller’s account. This payment will pay for the 10 Kg and the balance of the payment will go towards the rest of the gold in Accra, Ghana. Within 48 hours of payment the gold will be shipped and delivered to 5 Star Precious Metals in New York, City in favor of the buyer. At the buyer’s choice the seller has offered to liquidate the gold and pay all proceeds to the buyer. The seller has also agreed to offer an additional contract for another allocation should the buyer want to continue transacting with the seller. I have provided documentation of a previous transaction with this seller and current documentation for the most recent shipment.

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